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TF Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Cybertron Universe Override

Hier sind neue Bilder von TF Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Cybertron Universe Override.

289282323-598118848549824-5580545204083155447-n 289322515-598118838549825-8303408303787105026-n 289625796-598118865216489-1548510163280561000-n

Quelle: Hasbro Pulse

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Transformers Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Universe Scourge

Jetzt zeigen wir euch Bilder vom Transformers Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Universe Scourge.

289244880-598121011882941-7371818512883883807-n 289268502-598121001882942-4946184758302235166-n 289604448-598121021882940-53915338002494071-n

Quelle: Hasbro Pulse

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Transformers vs Top Gun Maverick

Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder vom Transformers vs Top Gun Maverick.

289279991-598123991882643-6660097061548417083-n 289331889-598123981882644-4981559791552289524-n

Quelle: Hasbro Pulse

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Transformers R.E.D. G1 Thundercracker & TF Prime Optimus Prime & Megatron

Hier sind die Bilder von den Transformers R.E.D. Figuren G1 Thundercracker und Transformers Prime Optimus Prime und Megatron.

01-RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime 02-RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime 03-RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime 04-RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime 05-RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime 06-RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime 07-RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime 08-RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime 09-RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime RED-Transformers-Prime-Megatron-01 RED-Transformers-Prime-Megatron-02 RED-Transformers-Prime-Megatron-03 RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime-01 RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime-02 RED-Transformers-Prime-Optimus-Prime-Megatron-01 289080034-598125575215818-2730153806691931984-n 289270155-598127665215609-2685330172303873972-n 289277932-598127675215608-8281012850674452780-n 289323497-598127655215610-133805233166600855-n 289364295-598125565215819-1640593191423979816-n 289368759-598129238548785-6796790495185672676-n 289386592-598127645215611-8053312288948388504-n 289401383-598129228548786-6056189811370301818-n 289571398-598125555215820-3293065576117833904-n 289690320-598129271882115-570507872266304227-n 289877619-598129281882114-863405051713315570-n 289953193-598125585215817-5810501996723369027-n

Quelle: Nimama’s Transformers

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TF Generations Shattered Glass Collection Decepticon Slicer mit Exo-Suit

Jetzt zeigen wir euch die neuen Bilder vom TF Generations Shattered Glass Collection Decepticon Slicer mit Exo-Suit.

287800138-5686489371383957-94435540002098841-n 288221180-5686489311383963-6007326051391233791-n 288226105-5686489354717292-2609285695569543742-n 288635304-5686489331383961-8798608380252595645-n 288682243-5686489381383956-848957518484002081-n 289036571-5686489374717290-8452181671959875327-n 289041168-5686488611384033-2133588559207926270-n 289157002-5686489428050618-243349466690655392-n 289353669-5686490771383817-529619087905207184-n

Quelle: Hasbro Pulse

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Takara Tomy Transformers Legacy Tarantulas, Elita-1 & Motormaster

Hier sind neue Bilder von den Takara Tomy Transformers Legacy Figuren Tarantulas, Elita-1 und Motormaster.

TL-11-Tarantulas-01 TL-11-Tarantulas-02 TL-11-Tarantulas-03 TL-11-Tarantulas-04 TL-12-Elita-01-01 TL-12-Elita-01-02 TL-12-Elita-01-03 TL-12-Elita-01-04 TL-13-Motormaster-01 TL-13-Motormaster-02 TL-13-Motormaster-03 TL-13-Motormaster-04

Quelle: Takara Tomy

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Beast Wars Transformers Monopoly

Hier zeigen wir euch die Bilder vom Beast Wars Transformers Monopoly.

Monopoly – Beast Wars: Transformers Edition Board Game

It’s Maximals vs. Predacons in a battle for the Golden Disk! The Monopoly: Transformers Beast Wars Edition board game for kids ages 8 and up is a must for Transformers fans. This 2-6 player game features gameplay inspired by the Transformers universe and iconic Transformers artwork.

Race to take control of key locations and powerful spaceships, obtain Stasis Pods, and wield the Golden Disk! Properties include Bio-Dome, The Ark, and Floating Mountain, and instead of houses and hotels, this edition features Energon cubes and Energon crystals. The player with the most Energon wins the game!

In 1996 the Transformers franchise introduced Beast Wars: Transformers, a new series and toyline that expanded the Transformers universe forever. Beast Wars brought fans Transformers robots that turned into beasts. It introduced the distant descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons, the heroic Maximals and evil Predacons, and immortalized their leaders: Optimus Primal and Megatron, new characters with famous namesakes.

The beloved beasts are back, brimming with 90s nostalgia, and ready to introduce new fans to this exciting twist on classic Transformers robots!

Monopoly-Beast-Wars-Transformers Monopoly-Beast-Wars-Transformers

Quelle: popcultcha.com.au

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Transformers Legacy Minerva

Jetzt zeigen wir euch die ersten Bilder von Transformers Legacy Minerva. Diese Figur ist ein Redeco von Legacy Elita-1.

Transfor-mers-Legacy-Minerva-01 Transfor-mers-Legacy-Minerva-02 Transfor-mers-Legacy-Minerva-03 Transfor-mers-Legacy-Minerva-04 Transfor-mers-Legacy-Minerva-05 Transfor-mers-Legacy-Minerva-06

Quelle: TransformRobots

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IDW Comic Transformers Beast Wars #17

Hier ist die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers Beast Wars #17.

TFBW-17-5-001 TFBW-17-5-002 TFBW-17-5-003 TFBW-17-5-004 TFBW-17-5-005 TFBW-17-5-006 TFBW-17-5-007 TFBW-17-5-008 TFBW-17-5-009

Quelle: iTunes Preview

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Transformers Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Road Hauler

Hier ist eine Video review vom Transformers Legacy Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Road Hauler.

Quelle: PrimeVsPrime

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