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Transformers Legacy Evolution G2 Figuren

TF-Generations Jetzt zeigen wir euch die Bilder von den folgenden Transformers Legacy Evolution G2 Figuren:


“• TOXITRON COLLECTION: A collection of Transformers robots has risen out of the Toxic Sludge Swamps of Cybertron! Toxitron is unleashing radioactive mayhem with a team of toxic warriors • G2-INSPIRED DESIGNS: These action figures are inspired by some of the unreleased color designs from the original G2 toy line. Featuring bright neon color schemes, these figures will stand out in your collection • 2 EPIC MODES: Transformers action figure for boys and girls converts from robot to racecar mode in 20 steps • AWESOME ACCESSORIES: This G2 Universe Autobot Jazz toy for 8 year old boys and girls comes with 3 blaster accessories that attach to the figure in both modes • CELEBRATE THE LEGACY: Transformers Legacy Evolution celebrates 40 years of Transformers history. Collect different characters to create your ideal Legacy lineup (each sold separately, subject to availability)”


Alle Bilder sind unter Mehr.

Quelle: tfw2005.com

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Transformers Legacy Evolution G2 Figuren

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