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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Check out Takara's pics of Siege Galaxy Convoy, we've got the Hasbro version in stock right now and he is AWESOME! he's a robot I can look up to as we share the same tummy! - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/transformers-war-for-cybertron-…

Blue Lobster X-Frank is now available to pre-order, its nice to see something that actually compliments Transformers Masterpice rather than trying to replace it check it out via the link - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/blue-lobster-bl-01-x-frank.ht…

Check out some new images of UK fave Impactor courtesy of Takara Tomy -https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/transformers-war-for-cybertron-…

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

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