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C.O.N.S. - Die Deutsche Transformers Fan Convention

Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri #04 Optimus Prime

Hier sind die offiziellen Bilder vom Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri #04 Optimus Prime.

Item name : [Kuro Kara Kuri]#04 Optimus Prime
Size : ~21cm height
Retail : US$400
Estimated sale : December, 2019

Product Description :
– The height of this product is around 21cm. 5 LED units packed in the body.
– Very rich accessories including 2 swords, 2 small axes, short cannon, big sword and 6 pair of hands. You can set any fighting pose easily.
– 3 interchangeable faces are available to present different emotion effect of Optimus Prime.
– Over 100 articulation positions. Some of them are designed with linkage articulation gimmicks !
– Super-poseable with diecast parts for solidity and heaviness!


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War For Cybertron Astrotrain, Apeface, Spinister und Crosshairs

Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder zu den Transformers War For Cybertron Figuren Leader Astrotrain, Voyager Apeface, Deluxe Spinister und Deluxe Crosshairs zeigen.

1561566479-apeface-vertical-2 1561566479-apeface-vertical1 1561566479-apeface-vertical2 1561566479-crosshairs-1 1561566479-crosshairs-vertical2 1561566479-spinister-vertical 1561566479-spinister-vertical2 1561566480-apeface 1561566480-astrotrain 1561566480-astrotrain-vertical 1561566480-astrotrain-verticle2 1561566480-crosshairs 1561566480-spinister

Quelle: screenrant.com

War For Cybertron Siege Decepticon Phantom Strike Squadron Multi Pack

Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom War For Cybertron Siege Decepticon Phantom Strike Squadron Multi Pack. In deisem sind:

Skywarp (Starscream Redeco mit Thundercracker’s grinsendem Gesicht)
Battlemaster Fracas (Firedrive Redeco)
Battlemaster Shrute (Aimless Redeco)
Battlemaster Terror-Daxtyl (Pteraxadon Redeco)


Alle Bilder sind unter Mehr.

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Neue Angebote bei Gerrut Camaro

Micromasters update @ www.gerrutcamaro.nl !

64608494-2816040631743811-3958187322498875392-n 65022846-2816041695077038-5950243014659014656-n 65150916-2816040158410525-8017178614061596672-n 65196716-2816040358410505-4788673928409120768-n 65208030-2816040885077119-84420704644104192-n 65272356-2816040501743824-8116411265045233664-n 65287891-2816041175077090-3999833941035974656-n 65325081-2816041351743739-8580237865810657280-n 65373646-2816041035077104-5017067739315961856-n 65380121-2816041818410359-4367150169938984960-n 65391909-2816040801743794-8554187897022971904-n 65392507-2816041945077013-4786106079131992064-n 65542363-2816041531743721-647730249907306496-n

TFSource News! XT Klaatu Metallic, ZT Kronos, MMC Foxwire & More!

TFSource News! XT Klaatu Metallic, ZT Kronos, MMC Foxwire & Ni, Furai Model Kits, Newage & More!



X-Transbots MM-9+ Klaatu Metallic Version
ToyWorld – TW-C07H Constructor Black Version – Full Set of 6
Newage – Black Rain, KITT & Police Car
Perfect Effect – PE-DX06B Nemesis Gorira
Magic Square – MS-01B – Light Of Freedom – Black Version
TW-FS01 – Bulldog
Iron Factory – IF-EX12G Blue Flash
X-Transbots – MX-16 Overheat

ARRIVING SOONZeta Toys – ZB Kronos – Full Set of 5 Figures
ARRIVING SOONMastermind Creations – Reformatted R-38 Foxwire & Ni 2-pack
ARRIVING SOONTransformers Furai Starscream, Thundercracker and Bumblebee Model Kits
ARRIVING SOON – DNA Design – DK-09EX Megatron Battle Damaged Upgrade Kit


Mastermind Creations – Reformatted R-17 Carnifex
Magic Square – MS-B04D Transporter – Limited Edition
DX9 Toys – War in Pocket – Dino Set of 5 Figures – Giftset
Transformers Bumblebee DLX Scale Collectible Series Optimus Prime
Transformers Masterpiece MP-47 Hound
Transformers G1 Super Cyborg Megatron
Voltron Defender of the Universe Deluxe Voltron
GigaPower – Gigasaurs – HQ01R Superator – Chrome Version


Alles unter mehr!


Neue Angebote bei TFsource

Iron Factory IF-EX38 Optics Hunter via Sun Of The Empire

Preorder at TFsource: https://tfsource.com/ironfactory/IF-EX38-optics-hunter/


Neue Angebote bei Actionfiguren24

Bumblebee DLX Scale Actionfigur Bumblebee
Bumblebee DLX Scale Actionfigur Optimus Prime
Bumblebee DLX Scale Actionfigur Blitzwing
auf Actionfiguren24: https://actionfiguren24.de/search?sSearch=dlx

Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Transformers LG Grand Maximus just joined the clearance SALE! grab him now for £149.99, once he's gone he's gone for good - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/transformers-legends-lg-ex-gran…

Find all SALE items here - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/sale.html


Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Diaclone Tryverse Trydasher now with updated images!!! check them all out here - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/diaclone-da-40-tryverse-trydash…


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